About Us

Professional Tattoo Removal at a Fair Price

Our Commitment

We maintain a commitment to education by taking advantage of the many educational opportunities available to us. Our goal is to further strengthen our competency in the operation of advanced lasers and deepen our understanding of our clients needs.

We commit to providing an exemplary consultation experience. You can expect expert assessment and thorough education on any treatment options available to you. We will provide you with a clear and easy to understand quote at no cost. All of our services are priced based on a variety of factors. You can feel confident knowing that we will provide you with all the relevant information to assist you in making an informed decision.

We recognize that the satisfaction of our customers is key to the success of our business. To this end, we commit to doing things simply and with excellence. We strive to be easy to deal with, highly professional and offer unmatched customer service.

Meet Ryan

Step into FēNIX Laser Studio, where your journey to erase unwanted tattoos is guided by Ryan, a passionate and experienced professional in the art of laser tattoo removal. With a deep understanding that each tattoo tells a unique story and every client has their own reasons for removal, Ryan brings both expertise and empathy to every session.

As the owner of FēNIX Laser Studio, Ryan has curated an environment where cutting-edge technology meets a personalized approach. His years of dedication to mastering laser removal techniques ensure that clients not only receive top-notch treatments but also the reassurance of a safe and tailored experience.

Ryan’s commitment goes beyond just removing ink; it’s about empowering individuals to embrace a fresh canvas. Whether you’re seeking complete removal or lightening for a cover-up, Ryan and his team prioritize your satisfaction, aiming for remarkable results that leave your skin rejuvenated.

Our Technology

Here at FēNIX Laser Studio, we specialize in removing or fading unwanted tattoos. With Candela’s PicoWay® laser platform, our trained and knowledgeable staff will provide you with an effective treatment plan to help you achieve your goals.


The most common side effects of PicoWay may include redness, swelling, and discomfort in the treated area. These effects are typically mild and should resolve within a few days. More serious side effects are rare, but may include infection, scarring, or changes in skin color.
Swelling is typical. Pinpoint bleeding may also occur. A cool compress may be applied and Tylenol is recommended for discomfort. avoid trauma to the area for the first 7 days after treatment.

There is very minimal down time with the PicoWay® tattoo removal. Redness can last up to 36-72 hours and occasionally the skin may feel itchy and/or experience bruising following treatment. Aftercare products can be applied to minimise any irritation and mineral make-up can be applied the following day.

PicoWay laser tattoo removal typically requires fewer treatments than other lasers which can save you time (and money!) PicoWay laser treatments range from 20-30 minutes each session; however, the total treatment sessions needed to achieve complete tattoo removal takes approximately 3-10 sessions.

Once your PicoWay Laser treatments begin, you can expect to see an improvement as soon as the days following your first session. However, most patients will require multiple treatment sessions for full resolution.

How PicoWay feels will be dependent on the treatment you receive. Those undergoing tattoo removal are likely to experience some pain and discomfort with treatment. Numbing cream can also be applied post treatment to help the healing process.

Cost for the procedure is based on a number of factors and can only be determined with a consultation.